Brexitstentialism – Free Download!

This month I wrote some shameless chill out. It was what can only be described as Brexit-based catharsis. Feel free to listen to them, remix, them, write a top-line or add them to picture. Just credit me and let hear/watch what you have done. I’ll even add it to this page…

Anyhow, at the very least, it’s a free download. If you want to donate you can and it may make the entire endeavour a little more worthwhile, it may even encourage me to do it again but please don’t feel obliged!

Copyright Joe Lewis 2016


01 Not The Same (Nobody in This City Speaks) (342 downloads)

02 Is it Contagious (Brexitstential Mix) (339 downloads)

03 The Nadir (Post Brexit Apocalypse Mix) (329 downloads)

04 People (There Are Two Breeds Mix) (313 downloads)

05 Sail Away (A Sound Plan Mix) (397 downloads)

06 There is Always Ice Cream (Life Moves Pretty Fast Mix) (283 downloads)

07 Question Me (Take Me to Your Leader Mix) (102 downloads)

08 Supermoon (Leave Leaves a Bad Taste Mix) (200 downloads)

I intend for this to be an evolving project. I’m going to add more music in the coming weeks. If you want to stay informed about any new free downloads please join the Brexitstentialist mailing list:

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Copyright Joseph Lewis 2016